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26 Providers found in the specialty group Mental Health Counselor.
Eric Chavez, LPCC
Patricia Colahan-Ireta, LPCC
Rebecca Colla, LPCC
Ellen Coplen, LPCC
Marley Cote, LPCC
Marley Cote, LPCC

National Board for Certified Counselors

Mental Health Counselor
Dawn Halperin, LPCC
20+ Years of Experience
Patricia Hennessey, LPCC
Patricia Lake, LPCC
37+ Years of Experience
Michel Leger, LPCC
20+ Years of Experience
Collin Massey, LPCC
8+ Years of Experience
Susan McCamey, LPCC
Mary Anne Messina, LPCC
Pamela Mitchell, LPCC
30+ Years of Experience
Teya Nguyen, LPCC
18+ Years of Experience
Delphinia Nuanes, LPCC
Maurice Payne, LPCC
28+ Years of Experience
Pauline Perea, LPCC
Marcos Reyna, LPCC
Valerie Rodriguez, LPCC
Laura Rombach, LPCC
Mayre Shuttleworth, LPCC
Helen Tafoya, LPCC
Edward Thomas, LPCC
Tara Thomas, LPCC
Lisa Van Meir, LPCC
Sarah Winger, LPCC
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