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25 Providers found in the UNM Psychiatric Center facility group in the zip code 87106 of type Counselor.
Gail Albers, LPCC
Virginia Brady, LMFT
Eric Chavez, LPCC
Patricia Colahan-Ireta, LPCC
Rebecca Colla, LPCC
Ellen Coplen, LPCC
Marley Cote, LPCC
Marley Cote, LPCC

National Board for Certified Counselors

Mental Health Counselor
Andrea Garcia, LMFT
Dawn Halperin, LPCC
21+ Years of Experience
Kelly Hamlin, LPCC
Kelly Hamlin, LPCC

National Board for Certified Counselors

Patricia Hennessey, LPCC
Fereidoun Kamali, LPCC
Collin Massey, LPCC
8+ Years of Experience
Tanya McBride, LPCC
Susan McCamey, LPCC
Odilia Mendez, LPCC
Mary Anne Messina, LPCC
Pamela Mitchell, LPCC
30+ Years of Experience
Shara Moscinska, LPCC
Delphinia Nuanes, LPCC
Maurice Payne, LPCC
29+ Years of Experience
Laura Richter, LPCC
Valerie Rodriguez, LPCC
Deanna Smith, LMFT
Laura Swofford, LMFT
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