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Find A Doctor (By Location)

List of Clinics

AHS School Based Health Center

Atrisco Heritage Center for Family and Community Health

Continuum of Care

ESJE School Based Health Center

First Choice - Belen

First Choice - Los Lunas

HHS School Based Health Center

Indian Health System

Lovelace Women's Hospital

Manzano del Sol Nursing Home

NM Poison & Drug Information Center

Pathology Associates of Albuquerque

Planned Parenthood

RMS School Based Health Center

UNM Addiction and Substance Abuse Programs Clinic (ASAP)

UNM Ambulatory Care Center - 2nd Floor

UNM Ambulatory Care Center - 3rd Floor

UNM Ambulatory Care Center - 4th Floor

UNM Ambulatory Care Center - 5th Floor

UNM Anesthesiology & Critical Care Medicine

UNM Anticoagulation Clinic

UNM Assertive Community Treatment (ACT)

UNM Audiology Clinic - Academy

UNM Audiology Clinic - Lomas


UNM Cardiac Catheterization Center

UNM Cardiac Heart Failure Clinic

UNM Cardiology Clinic

UNM Cardiology Clinic at McMahon

UNM Carrie Tingley Clinic

UNM Center for Development & Disability

UNM Center for Digestive Disease Clinic

UNM Center for Life

UNM Center for Neuropsychological Services

UNM Center for Reproductive Health

UNM Children's Hospital

UNM Children's Hospital Heart Center (CHHC)

UNM Children's Psychiatric Center

UNM Clinical Neuroscience Center

UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center

UNM CON Family Health Partnership

UNM Consultations/Liaison Service

UNM Cystic Fibrosis Center

UNM Cystic Fibrosis Pediatric Clinic

UNM Dental Services at Carrie Tingley

UNM Dental Services at Novitski Hall

UNM Dental Services Camino de Salud Ambulatory Surgical Center

UNM Dental Services Camino de Salud Residency Clinic

UNM Dermatology Clinic

UNM Diabetes Comprehensive Care Center

UNM Electrophysiology Magnetic Unit (EMU)

UNM Emergency Department

UNM Employee Occupational Health Services

UNM Endoscopy Center

UNM Envision New Mexico

UNM Family Health Clinic - NE Heights

UNM Family Health Clinic - SE Heights

UNM Family Health Clinic - Southwest Mesa

UNM Family Health Clinic - Tucker

UNM Family Health Clinic - University

UNM Family Health Clinic - Westside

UNM Focus Program

UNM Gastrointestinal Clinic

UNM General Medicine Clinic

UNM General Orthopedics Clinic

UNM General Pediatrics Clinic

UNM Health Beginnings

UNM Heart and Vascular Center

UNM Hematology-Oncology

UNM Hospital

UNM Internal Medicine Clinic B

UNM Lobo Athletic Clinic

UNM Lobo Care

UNM Maternity and Family Planning Clinic - Northwest Valley

UNM Maternity and Family Planning Clinic - South Broadway

UNM Maternity and Family Planning Clinic - Southeast Heights

UNM Maternity and Family Planning Clinic - West Mesa

UNM Medical Pathology

UNM Medicine Faculty Clinic

UNM Medicine Specialties Clinic

UNM Milagro Clinic

UNM MTM Call Center

UNM NE Heights ENT Clinic

UNM Nephrology Clinic

UNM Neuro Diagnostics Clinic

UNM Neuroscience Center

UNM Neurosurgery Clinic

UNM Newborn ICU

UNM North Valley Center for Family and Community Health

UNM Occupational Health Clinic

UNM Office of Medical Investigators

UNM Ophthalmology - Lomas

UNM Ophthalmology - University

UNM Orthopedic Clinic

UNM Outpatient Parental Antibiotic Therapy

UNM Outpatient Surgery and Imaging Services (OSIS)

UNM Pain Consultation and Treatment Center

UNM Para Los Ninos

UNM Pathology - McKesson

UNM Pediatric ICU

UNM Pediatric Specialty Clinic

UNM Pediatric Specialty Clinic at UNM Carrie Tingley Hospital

UNM Pediatric Urology Clinic at Carrie Tingley Hospital

UNM Plastic Surgery Clinic

UNM Programs for Children & Adolescents

UNM Psychiatric Center

UNM Psychiatry Consultants

UNM Psychiatry Consultation Services

UNM Psychiatry Social Rehabilitation

UNM Radiology

UNM Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility Clinic

UNM Sandoval Regional Medical Center (SRMC)

UNM Senior Health Center

UNM Sleep Disorders Clinic

UNM Sports Medicine Clinic

UNM SRMC Professional Building

UNM Student Health & Counseling (UNM Students ONLY)

UNM Surgical Specialties Clinic

UNM Telederm Clinic

UNM Transplant, Urology, & Vascular Clinic

UNM Truman Health Services

UNM Urgent Care

UNM Vein & Cosmetic Center

UNM Women's Faculty & Midwife Clinic

UNM Women's Health Clinic

UNM Young Children's Health Center

UNM Young Women's Clinic

VA Medical Center

Various APS Sites

VBMS School Based Health Center

WaMS School Based Health Center

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